Our Story

We started our work lives like most people in North America – college done, educated in Business and Computer Science, anticipating life-long careers in the corporate world.  We worked in corporations large and small – in banking, insurance, retail and a variety of other sectors – and ran small businesses on the side.   

During those early years, we observed that most professionals, executives, and business owners were proficient at the technical/mechanical aspects of their jobs – the clear, tangible parts.  However for most of them, success was (and still very much is) ultimately dependent on their ability to grow their businessdevelop their teams, and provide strong leadership.  These are largely based on intangibles, where attaining clarity is much more challenging, and centered on building stronger relationships.  This is often where leaders face their greatest challenges, and what typically leads to the large percentage of businesses that under-perform and/or ultimately fail.

And this is why we started ClarityWorks.  To assist with the intangibles – the “clarity” and “people” sides of business and team development.

For 20+ years now, supported by our great team of coaches and consultants, we have been helping results-driven professionals and organizations bring clarity to the intangible aspects of their businesses – people, purpose, and process.  As a result, our clients:

  • grow their teams (through “purpose clarity”, leading to focused team development), 
  • grow their businesses (through “process clarity”, leading to increased sales and improved service), and
  • grow their relationships (through “people clarity”, leading to stronger connections with prospects, clients, and co-workers)

This ultimately leads to higher profits, reduced stress, and happier, more productive work environments.

Here’s a bit more information about our individual backgrounds:

J.C. (Juri) Chabursky, CSP2

Managing Partner

  • Formal education: University of Toronto & Upper Canada College
  • Designations: CSP2 – Certified Speaking Professional and Certified Sales Professional (one of only five “dual CSP’s” in the world)
  • 10+ years sales experience in high tech, health care, and SME sectors
  • 20+ years entrepreneurial / small business sector experience
  • 10+ years board experience – both local and national
  • 10+ years executive leadership experience as an interim/fractional CxO
  • 20+ years training and consulting experience, as well as delivering keynotes and plenaries – spoken in six countries, on three continents, in 35 U.S. states and in all 10 Canadian provinces

Ulana Chabursky

Managing Partner

  • Formal education: University of San Diego
  • Designations: Professional Coach and Certified True Colors Facilitator
  • 15+ years sales and service experience in retail, financial and small business sectors
  • 20+ years entrepreneurial / small business sector experience
  • 15+ years coaching experience, helping clients worldwide with business and personal growth
  • 15+ years training, coaching and consulting experience, running workshops and focus groups for clients across Canada, the US and the Caribbean

Why ClarityWorks

What do we bring to our clients? 

  • 20+ years of training / coaching / consulting experience working with hundreds of diverse clients throughout North America, the Caribbean, UK, Asia and the Middle East … the benefits to our clients – proven delivery skills, a well-rounded global viewpoint, multi-cultural awareness, a fresh outside perspective, an appreciation of individual strengths and an understanding of unique corporate cultures.
  • 30+ years of hands-on sales, service, business development and leadership experience in a variety of sectors … the benefits to our clients – well-rounded experience, professionalism, adaptability and a focus on results.
  • 25+ years experience running and growing entrepreneurial businesses … benefits to our clients – direct, related experience with the challenges faced by business owners, and a clear understanding of the entrepreneurial mindset.
  • A team of professionals with expertise in leadership and business development … benefits to our clients – a renewed energy and expanded resource base.
  • A physical presence in both Toronto and San Diego … benefits to our clients – significant time and cost savings.

More Feedback & Reviews

“We have averaged 43% annual growth in sales over the past three years while working with you!” 

Executive Director

FirstCaribbean International Bank

“The three days of training were extremely valuable.  I was also impressed with the responses from the sales staff.  They are more motivated and eager to get to work and selling.” 

Regional Director

Rogers / AT&T

Rogers ATT logo 2

“You not only helped me with my presentation, you also gave me the confidence to present in front of my peers.  Thank you!” 


Coaching Client

“Juri is an outstanding professional to work with. He completely understands and develops relevant content that resonates with the community he serves. He is extremely approachable by both attendees and staff and open to feedback and suggestions. He is consistently rated as a top 10 speaker in every program he has participated. I endorse and highly recommend Juri as a trainer, speaker and consultant.” 

Chief Operating Officer

Rising Media

Rising Media logo

“I have had the pleasure of working with Ulana on two separate occasions over the last year. Ulana is a highly articulate communicator and coach, and she is immensely passionate about consistently delivering a quality solution to her clients. Ulana is very detailed in her work and her feedback is eye opening. I would highly recommend her for any leadership, training and development programs. Ulana is a valued strategic partner and I look forward to working with her again in the near future.”  



Allstream logo

“I had the opportunity to work with Juri and can attest to the professional way in which he approaches his work and conducts himself. Juri takes the time to get to know the client and customized his material to meet the needs of the stakeholders. He is dynamic, effective and delivers results.”

Managing Director

Schulich Executive Education Center