Our Programs

Below you’ll find a high-level overview of our most popular program offerings.  Each program can be delivered in-person or online, either as a one-on-one coaching session or team training event.  The content is always personalized to your team’s needs, and is available in time-frames from one hour to three days. 


Persuasion Skills

Have you ever had a tough time securing a signoff you needed, or getting assistance and commitment from others?

The ability to influence and persuade effectively is critical to the success of any business professional. Using a practical, hands-on approach, these programs teach participants the art and science of effective interpersonal communication. They are designed for all professionals whose success is, at least in part, determined by their ability to communicate with, influence and negotiate with those around them - customers, co-workers and everyone else.

Selling Skills

Do your responsibilities and accountabilities include prospecting for and developing new business?

Whether you are a “rainmaker” (consultant, partner, business owner) or a full-time sales professional, these programs are designed to teach you the skills, strategies and tactics you need to effectively prospect, secure and retain more business. From positioning, prospecting and networking to the principles of compliance these programs will teach you and your team the sales skills you need to succeed in any economy.

Communication Skills

Have you ever struggled to break through to a key decision maker / partner / boss, no matter what you tried?

The ability to communicate effectively is arguably the most important attribute of personal and professional success today. It can make a dramatic difference in a professional’s credibility, as well as their ability to achieve both clarity and commitment. And understanding your communication strengths and challenges is an important first step in achieving the results you desire.

Leadership Skills

Do you sometimes wonder whether your team is actually following you?

These programs are designed to give current and emerging leaders a foundation in core leadership principles, provide them with tools and techniques to enhance their leadership skills, and equip them with strategies and tactics that help improve overall team performance.


Negotiation Skills

It has been said that you don't get what you deserve in life ... you get what you negotiate. Sound familiar?

Negotiation is all about getting more of what you want and need through interaction with others. It is a skill that we practice virtually every day. These programs are designed for all professionals who regularly interface (and thereby negotiate) with those around them – customers, co-workers, vendors, and everyone else.


Presentation Skills

Do you feel stressed every time you're asked to deliver a presentation, especially to a group of decision makers?

Whether you’re a seasoned presenter, or getting ready to stand in front of an audience for the first time, these programs will equip you with the tools, techniques and strategies you need to develop and deliver a better presentation, as well as strategies for effective use of your voice, presence and visual aids.

Training Approach and Methodology

All ClarityWorks training programs are highly-interactive, and follow accelerated learning principles.  They are filled with exercises, case studies and assessments which act to both enhance and stimulate the learning process.  Whenever possible, programs are facilitated by two ClarityWorks consultants, thus providing participants with the additional benefit of multiple voices / perspectives.

The use of accelerated learning techniques and processes throughout our programs ensures that all sessions are as informative and impactful as they are fun.  Through the use of lectures, activities, group discussions, and role plays, participants are actively involved in their own learning process.

The content of all ClarityWorks workshops is tied directly to the client’s mission, vision, values and goals.  In addition, all participants leave ClarityWorks workshops with a list of “Action Items” and a “Personal Action Contract”.  These tools aid in the implementation of lessons learned, and simplify follow-up, thus increasing ROI.   

Recent Training and Coaching Assignments

  • The development and delivery of a series of sales, service and leadership programs for the number one bank in the Caribbean. The program was delivered over a three year period to 320 staff spread across 17 countries in the region.  Result: a 43% annual increase in sales over the duration of the development initiative.
  • A 7 year assignment delivering communication and leadership programs to professionals and executives across North America through extension programs at over a dozen universities, including York University (Schulich-Kellogg School of Business), Carleton University, University of Alberta, University of Victoria, and Texas A&M University.
  • The delivery of sales and sales management workshops across Canada (7 cities and 5 provinces) for Rogers Communications, one of the “big three” telecommunications companies in the country. Result: improved the sales skills of the front-line sales staff and the sales coaching skills of their managers.
  • Assisting a mid-level manager to achieve her objective.  Result: a promotion.
  • Coaching a senior executive in presentation skills.  Result: a successful presentation at a global conference.