For maximum performance improvement to occur (whether following a formal training program or not) personal guidance and support is typically needed.  This is where coaching makes the difference.  A professional coach helps their clients identify gaps and then provides a supportive framework for bridging them.  Through a series of interactions, the client sets goals, is held accountable, and thereby achieves a significant improvement in performance.  All of this happens in a structured, supportive, one-on-one environment.

ClarityWorks offers a full range of coaching services. Our coaching programs are 100% personalized to the needs of each individual client, and are based on the co-active coaching model.  This ensures the highest level of attention, and virtually guarantees improved performance.  The coaching is typically conducted over a period of months – face-to-face, by telephone and online.  Specific metrics are put into place from the beginning of any coaching program, and results are regularly measured to ensure that outlined objectives are being achieved.

Recent coaching assignments include:

  • Coaching a senior executive in presentation skills, leading to a successful presentation at a global conference.
  • Supporting a team of corporate bankers in their transition from customer support personnel to sales / relationship management professionals.
  • Assisting a mid-level manager to achieve her objective – a promotion.

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Consulting and Fractional Leadership

Are you wearing too many hats as a business owner / investor?  Overwhelmed by all the tasks?  Too busy to work “on” the business?  If “yes”, then you may need the assistance of a fractional executive – an experienced leader  / VP / CxO who can shoulder some of the responsibility and help you actually grow the business. 

Do you need help increasing your sales?  Building relationships with new prospects?  Opening new markets?

Is your team’s performance meeting their potential?  Are sales and service KPIs where they should be?  

Through consulting and fractional leadership assignments, ClarityWorks assists clients with a diverse range of leadership, business development and performance improvement needs. 

In order to maximize impact and results, we follow our three-step CSE model.  CLARITY: through the use of various tools and processes, ClarityWorks consultants uncover client objectives, strengths and challenges.  STRATEGY: in conjunction with the leadership team we determine what needs to be done to move forward in the right direction.  EXECUTION: our consulting team then assists with implementation and continues to monitor the results, while consistently asking for feedback, offering suggestions, and adjusting programs and processes accordingly.  For our clients, this three-step approach means both complete program customization and maximum results.

Our consulting assignments are as varied as our clients:

  • Process Improvement – consulting clients on the development of clear, consistent, business development processes and sales-oriented promotional materials.
  • Interim / Fractional Leadership – assuming the role of a client’s CGO / CRO / VP Sales / Business Development while assisting them to grow their sales, build their team, expand into new areas, franchise, and/or open up new markets.
  • Sales & Marketing Development – taking on the role of a client’s entire Sales and Marketing department, with our consultants providing a full range of services and support in business development: sales / marketing / advertising / public relations.

Recent assignments have included:

  • CEO of a Texas-based performance consulting firm – brought on board to turn around and grow a struggling company. Result: established new policies, procedures, pricing structures, and business development practices – expanded the client base to include many top corporate and athletic organizations (including YPO, Ford of Canada, PizzaPizza, Atlanta Falcons, Miami Heat, and Team Novo Nordisk) – grew revenues approximately 300% per year over two years.
  • VP, Leadership Development for a Toronto-based multinational property management company – creating and delivering a learning and development program for a company with 13,000+ employees across North America. Result: the “re-branding” of a previously fragmented workforce, improved service levels, and a more engaged team, ultimately leading to both improved overall performance and a cohesive image in the industry.
  • Interim CEO for an Orange County based services company – providing leadership, strategy and direction to assist the company in the development of effective systems and processes as well as with their business development needs. Result: significantly increased the company’s visibility in the marketplace, leading to a doubling of sales over a six-month period.

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All ClarityWorks training programs are highly-interactive, and follow accelerated learning principles.  They are filled with exercises, case studies and assessments which act to both enhance and stimulate the learning process.  Whenever possible, programs are facilitated by two ClarityWorks consultants, thus providing participants with the additional benefit of multiple voices / perspectives.

The use of accelerated learning techniques and processes throughout our programs ensures that all sessions are as informative and impactful as they are fun.  Through the use of lectures, activities, group discussions, and role plays, participants are actively involved in their own learning process.

The content of all ClarityWorks workshops is tied directly to the client’s mission, vision, values and goals.  In addition, all participants leave ClarityWorks workshops with a list of “Action Items” and a “Personal Action Contract”.  These tools aid in the implementation of lessons learned, and simplify follow-up, thus increasing ROI.

It is our belief that the most effective form of development typically occurs in a hands-on environment.  From a training perspective, this is best executed in a “classroom” setting (whether indoors or outdoor)  following adult learning principles and employing accelerated learning techniques.  However, many topics can also be delivered effectively in an online setting.  And the telephone and internet can also be great vehicles for review, reinforcement and coaching.

In an effort to provide our clients with a fully rounded development experience, ClarityWorks delivers webinars and tele-seminars for clients as required.  These are usually designed to reinforce concepts taught in our in-class programs, and are also occasionally used to introduce new information.  In addition, certain portions of our in-class programs can be delivered in the webinar / tele-seminar format.

Recent training assignments have included:

  • The development and delivery of a series of sales, service and leadership programs for the number one bank in the Caribbean. The program was delivered over a three year period to 320 staff spread across 17 countries in the region.  Result: a 43% annual increase in sales over the duration of the development initiative.
  • A 7 year assignment delivering communication and leadership programs to professionals and executives across North America through extension programs at over a dozen universities, including York University (Schulich-Kellogg School of Business), Carleton University, University of Alberta, University of Victoria, and Texas A&M University.
  • The delivery of sales and sales management workshops across Canada (7 cities and 5 provinces) for Rogers Communications, one of the “big three” telecommunications companies in the country. Result: improved the sales skills of the front-line sales staff and the sales coaching skills of their managers.

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Facilitation involves the tasks and activities required to run a productive, focused and impartial meeting with a group of participants who ultimately share a common purpose.  This common purpose could be making a decision, solving a problem, setting a strategy, or simply exchanging ideas in a non-threatening environment.  The role of the professional facilitator is not to lead the discussion, but rather to assist in setting ground rules, and then actively participating in the discussions with a goal to ultimately guide the participants towards achieving consensus (or whatever objectives have been set out for the meeting).

ClarityWorks often works with clients in situations where an outside, impartial facilitator is able to obtain results much more readily than an internal member of the team.  The focus is always on guiding the participants towards an outcome, not leading them.

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Executive Peer Groups

As an executive / leader / business owner, do you have a team of advisors you can turn to for experienced, impartial and insightful advice on how to tackle the many business challenges you face on a daily basis?  If you answered “no”, then an Executive Peer Group is likely exactly what you need!

Most business owners and senior executives work in a vacuum.  They know it.  It’s lonely.  They often have no one they can turn to internally, so they have to deal with many business challenges on their own. 

But there’s a better way!  A way in which owners and executives can get the advice and support they much need.  A way in which they can benefit from the combined wisdom, experience and best practices of their peers.  A way in which they can acquire their very own personal and reliable sounding board, and get unbiased feedback directly related to their specific challenges.  And the answer lies in executive peer groups.  

ClarityWorks runs peer groups comprised of business owners and executives.  The groups are typically made up of five to twelve executives from non-competing industries who are in the same “age and stage” of development.  In that way, each member can provide significant insights to the rest of the group, and walk away from each session with specific actionable ideas directly relevant to their own challenges.

Members meet as a group typically once a month, either in person or online, and have one-on-one coaching meetings scheduled in between.  In addition, strategic planning and team-building events are planned several times per year, allowing members to delve deeper into issues critical to their business (and personal) success. 

There are other peer groups out there.  How are ClarityWorks Executive Peer Groups different?  Here are a few of the ways:

  • our monthly meetings are facilitated by TWO consultants – one male and one female – providing members with multiple perspectives 
  • peer groups are made up of executives from non-competing industries who are in the same “age and stage” of business – you won’t have a start-up CEO sitting next to a CEO who runs a multi-billion dollar business
  • our fees are a fraction of what our “competitors” charge – we’re here to help you grow your business, not grow your expenses
  • we incorporate additional outside expertise – we regularly bring in senior business leaders and subject matter experts to speak to our groups to further enhance learning 
  • we regularly run (optional) team-building events and strategic planning retreats outside the urban environment, providing our members with additional personal and professional growth opportunities 

These executive peer groups have proven to be an incredibly effective method for both increasing company profitability and decreasing personal stress.  So much so, that we now also offer “second in command” peer groups, focused on the owner / CEO / President’s direct reports.

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TOTAL IMMERSION Development Initiatives

Have you ever run a great training program that seemed to lead (at best) to limited positive results?

If you want to improve performance, boost results, and therefore maximize your return on investment, the Total ImmersionTM approach is the way to go!  

Most training and development initiatives do not deliver on their objectives for three reasons:

(1) they are delivered as short, generic stand-alone programs  

(2) they do not incorporate appropriate support, reinforcement, and follow-up

(3) they attempt to fix specific problems without considering the big picture.

Development initiatives, whether personal or corporate, realize the greatest benefits when effective delivery and spaced repetition are combined with on-going personalized reinforcement and accountability.  For this reason, we have developed an approach to personal and professional development which we call Total ImmersionTM.

The Total ImmersionTM approach is holistic in nature.  We first take a step back and look at the overall picture, taking into account all the internal and external factors that affect performance.  Attitudes, values and beliefs are considered, as well as specific skills and behaviors.  And 360 degree support and reinforcement are built into the entire development process.

Our Total ImmersionTM development programs include a number of key components, including front and back end assessments, speaking and training events, as well as comprehensive coaching, consulting and follow-up programs.

Recent Total ImmersionTM development programs include:

  • ClarityWorks worked with a major bank (owned and operated by CIBC and Barclays) over a three year period, assisting 320 staff from 17 countries to (1) transition from a hands-off support approach to a hands-on sales / relationship management approach towards clients, and (2) work more effectively as a team. Result: an average annual 43% increase in sales, and a significantly more motivated, team-oriented workforce.
  • ClarityWorks worked with the staff of a mid-sized multi-location retailer over a one-year period, assisting them to improve their sales and communication skills, as well as implement processes to improve overall performance. Result: an increase in sales, customer service scores, and staff morale.
  • ClarityWorks worked with a manufacturing firm over an 18-month period to help staff improve overall sales and customer service performance. Result: an increased focus on process, leading to improved sales, service, and client retention.

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